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I am a Research Ethics & Integrity specialist, with a background in Philosophical Bioethics, currently based at King's College London. I worked in the Research Ethics Office from June 2021 to November 2023, at which point I moved to the Research Integrity Office. In this role I provide confidential advice to staff on research integrity matters, investigate allegations of research misconduct and administer panels convened under our formal procedure, as well as develop guidance and policy to support the integrity of King's research community.


I was previously (April-October 2021) also a Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at King's, where I held a Postdoctoral Scholarship granted by the Society for Applied Philosophy. My current (slow, but ongoing) research interests are in Philosophy of Medicine and Applied Biomedical Ethics (esp. Mental Health, Public Health and Research).

Before that, I was a lecturer in the Centre of Medical Law & Ethics at King's from August 2019 to December 2020, and was awarded my Ph.D by the University of Birmingham (UK) in July 2019.

I have two main threads of active academic research, which I currently largely pursue in my spare time

1) Public Health Ethics: Offering a rights-based ethics of lifesaving medical resource allocation in pandemic contexts, focusing on ensuring just treatment for members of vulnerable social groups.

2) Research Ethics: Investigating the challenge of protecting participants' right to autonomy in research contexts ill-suited to always securing anticipatory informed consent, such as ethnography.

When I am not doing Philosophy, I also enjoy hiking; fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and other 'weird' fictions; and playing board games and table-top roleplaying games.


Please send me an email, or contact me through the form to the right, to request paper drafts, syllabuses, or just to get in contact.

5-11 Lavington Street



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